De Persgroep reaches seven in ten Belgian surfers, thanks to Adhese Performance Stacks

PNU Performix is a powerful new tool for advertisers, developed by De Persgroep, one of Belgium’s major publishers. The technology that drives PNU Performix, Adhese Performance Stacks, is fully developed and maintained by Adhese, a Belgian company specialized in ad serving and data analytics.

PNU Performix enables advertisers to present their products and services through text ads. Small pieces of persuasive text, often accompanied by an image, positioned in between the content of websites. Adhese Performance Stacks enables De Persgroep to manage, track and optimize those text ads.

Performance Stacks offers publishers a wide range of advantages. A quick setup and integration, for example: two months after the startup, De Persgroep reaches seven in ten Belgian surfers with PNU Performix.

Bert Marievoet, commercial director at De Persgroep: “Two months after the startup PNU Performix already is a high roller in the advertising market. Advertisers quickly discovered PNU Performix as a great way to fulfill their performance objectives on our premium news sites. A clear message and huge potential range make PNU Performix a strong and attractive advertising product. The technology behind it is developed by Adhese: it enables us to fully optimize each campaign and make it reach its full potential.”

Adhese Performance Stacks is easy to use and is designed to be flexible: it fully adapts to the customers needs, both in technology and look and feel. And above all: Performance Stack automatically optimizes every ad, by retargeting based on both site context and socio-demographical data.

Connecting with marketplaces or real time bidding systems is perfectly possible with Performance Stacks. Adhese guarantees an optimal protection of user data, both for publishers and advertisers, when connecting with such third parties.

About Adhese

Want to manage your ad inventory in a quick and efficient way? Adhese makes sure you can. Whether you are a mayor publisher, an advertiser or an international social network: we customize our technology to your needs and budget. Website, tablet, smartphone, e-mail or video campaigns: we integrate them and provide you with control, analytics and forecasts. And your data? Stays yours.

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