Pebble Media manages full advertising inventory with Adhese

Pebble Media has recently chosen Adhese to manage their entire advertising inventory. Pebble Media, a joint venture of Concentra Media, Telenet and Var, had been using Adhese since 2011 for the delivery of text ads (in a specific product named Konverto).

Starting from 1 October 2013 Adhese will be used to manage and serve all display and video advertisements on the Pebble Media network. Pebble Media reaches a million unique Belgian users per day basis through an extensive and diverse portfolio of top Belgian media brands, including national broadcasters.

One of the advantages of Adhese is that it enables Pebble Media and its advertisers to reach specific target audiences in specific contexts across sites of multiple media brands.

The extensive network of publishers united by Pebble Media made the transfer to the Adhese platform complex. Different publishers with different expectations, schedules and online structures had to be integrated at the same time, without interrupting running campaigns or campaign monitoring. Adhese’s flexible approach and technology made a smooth transfer possible.

After an intensive planning and preparation phase, inventory management and ad serving for every site of every publisher in the Pebble Media network was transferred in a couple of days. Pebble Media is now able to serve any kind of advertisement (video prerolls, overlayers, splashes, companion ads,...) on its entire network. Adhese also allows the easy integration of external advertising networks, like Adform or Rubicon, across different websites and platforms.

The smooth cooperation between Adhese and Pebble Media consolidates and reinforces the position of both parties on the Belgian market.

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